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266 Cottage Policy to comply with the fire safety guidance printed below

  • All our guests are welcome to bring their bicycles and lock them in our bicycle lock-up, at their own risk with no extra charge.
  • We have room for 7 bikes
  • Ring holders for each bike are embedded in the concrete floor to enable bikes to be locked up safely using your own bicycle lock.    Also the cycle racks are securely screwed to the concrete floor to enable a 2nd lock to be fitted.   
  • We have two bike lockups - one holds 3 and the other holds 4 bicycles with a padlock on the outside door of each lockup.   {feel free to bring your own padlock to use if you prefer}
  • Please note :- No bicycles, under any circumstances or for any reason are allowed inside the Cottage

  • If you charge your bicycle battery at the Cottage.  Do so in the daytime, not overnight.   Once the battery is charged please take it off charge and keep it in your vehicle. 
  • We have an external socket with an extension lead inside the large bicycle shed.   This will enable you to charge your battery outside of the Cottage. 
  • Make sure you are using the correct recommended charger for your battery
  • {Because it fits doesn't mean it's safe}
  • Damaged batteries are a higher fire risk.    Check your battery is safe after your ride, especially after Mountain Biking. 
  • Take it seriously if you have an electrical smell or unusual heat from your battery
  • Batteries can not be allowed to be charged inside the Cottage.
  • External bike battery charging must be finished before night-time and taken out of the electric sockets
  • The hallway is the main fire-exit for all guests, any explosion from an electric bicycle battery would block the fire escape route 
  • When a lithium-ion battery catches fire, it releases its energy as heat — and fast. A lithium-ion battery fire can spread quickly in a chain reaction.   These rules are put in place to protect your lives 

Thank you for adhering to our rules regarding battery charging.
Diane and Bill Arif 
085 8851 8174

E-bikes and e-scooters fire safety guidance published by NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) click here for link

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